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Get access to fresh and detailed real estate data for most of the US.

Leading Realty Data

Many people are looking for more than the average homeowner when making their real estate transactions. Having a more detailed idea of the market not just near you, but nationwide may be something you're looking for. Understanding the full scope of the state of the economy and market before making your transaction can give you a better piece of mind and let you rest easy with your decisions. We've made it simple and easily accessible for you so you don't have to spend your precious time scouring the internet trying to do your own detailed analysis. With accurate and updated metrics and statistics, we bring you leading realty data at the comfort of your own home.

Bulk Data Streams

Streaming data processing has become beneficial in most situations where dynamic data is being generated on a continual basis. It usually includes most of the industry segments and big data cases. Typically, companies start off with simple applications such as collecting system logs. Then, these apps are going to upgrade to a smarter nearly instant processor timing. In the beginning, these applications strive to produce simple reports, and perform easy actions in response, maybe emitting alarms when certain markers are exceeded. Eventually, they become more sophisticated forms of analysis, like applying machine algorithms, and extract deeper insights.

API Access Service

API’s or, application program interfaces, are a set of tools, routines, and protocols that give it the ability to allow data and content to be shared between multiple applications. For example, while using a social media site, you can share your location due to an imaps integration. API’s benefit both the third-party developers and end-users. They do all the hard work in the shadows for youtube allowing third-party developers to access APIs, they can focus on other things instead of repeating the same work.

Data Points

Each property record contains hundreds of different data points. We have created a detailed schema in our documentation to help with integration. Our API returns a modern JSON response so that our data will work easily with your applications.

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