About Realty Hand

A San Francisco, CA based real estate / technology company designed to help Americans become and stay home owners!


Realty Hand was initially founded in 2009 after the great recession in hopes of helping people rebuild. Based out of San Francisco, we started with nothing but our expertise and our dedication to solve a problem we saw as completely unprotected. Now we are competing with the largest companies in the industry, trying to set new standards for all businesses similar to ours. .


It has always been our mission to help homeowners, and Americans become homeowners. We had a very simple and straightforward purpose for our company. Help others. So how do we do this in the most effective way? Well, we put our expertise to work and started creating Realty Hand! Owning a home is an accomplishment in itself and we know just how expensive it can be. So, we put together the nation's most effective title protection service with a price fit for all homeowners. We believe protection should be as easy and accessible as possible.

New Services

As technology developed and more of our information and processes moved online new threats to homeowners began to surface. One of those threats was title theft. With important documents like deeds now being accessed digitally fraudsters are able to get important information and even signatures. Allowing all sorts of fraud. Realty Hand has developed services to protect homeowners from these threats.

Helping Hand

Protection should be effective and easy. We have made it our goal to be the most communicative and simple to use service you’re a part of. We take pride in our ability to give you the power of taking the security of your home into your own hands. We protect our bank accounts and track our transactions on a daily basis, but we fail to do these things for our most valuable assets. That's what we are here for! To put the power back into your hands. We want everyone of customers to not only be cared for, but to feel heard. All feedback, questions, and comments should be directed towards us whenever you have them. Remember, we are here to help!

A Hand To Home Ownership And Beyond

The American dream is continually moving further out of reach and becoming even harder to hang onto. Realty Hand was formed to help people of all income levels and backgrounds to have a opportunity at home ownership. Even after a home is purchased there are still threats like mortgage fraud and title theft. A home is where most Americans wealth comes from so it is important to protect that and grow your equity. Our services at Realty Hand have been designed to help people find the perfect home, protect it and grow equity.